Türkmenoğlu production facility Türkmenoğlu production facility

About Türkmenoğlu

Türkmenoğlu citrus groves

Leaving 50 years behind...

Türkmenoğlu, one of the biggest citrus producers of the Aegean Region, founded a foreign trade company and started exporting fresh fruits in 1962 and today is still exporting with its own brand for more than 50 years.

Türkmenoğlu, the trusted supplier of the Europe’s leading supermarkets and chains for many years, has significant contribution to the development of Turkish citrus quality.

Türkmenoğlu safe agriculture

Good agriculture experiment for years

Producing and trading for global markets for more than fifty years, Türkmenoğlu is well-known with its deep experience in GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) process.

Transferring the experience and practices in production to its strong contractors’ net as well, Türkmenoğlu regularly keeps the agricultural safety of the products at highest standards both by its own experts and external consultants.

Türkmenoğlu production capacity

Powerful production capacity

Türkmenoğlu, packaging its Global GAP certified products in its BRC certified facility, makes net production of 34,963 tons/year.

Packaging the fruits on 6.000m² covered area established on an area of 16,400m², Türkmenoğlu is a plantation owner of an 450 decares.