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50 years dedicated to premium fresh produce


Full-chain traceability in agriculture

Qualified as one of the innovative partners, Türkmenoğlu joined The Advanced Informatics & Technology in Good Agricultural Practices project of Izmir Development Agency in collaboration with Aegean Exporters’ Unions.


New branding & "Safe Produce" mark

Celebrating the 50th year in business, Türkmenoğlu fresh produces have been taken place at the European supermarket shelves with a complete new branding from the 3rd quarter of 2012.

The new "Safe Produce®" mark will indicate the brand’s premium food safety standards arising from full traceability in agriculture.


Trusted fresh produce brand of Europe

Türkmenoğlu is the trusted supplier of Europe’s leading supermarket chains, including Edeka, Hofer, Zielpunkt, Aldi, Rewe and Spar, selling fresh produce under its own brand for 20 years.

Türkmenoğlu fresh produces have been put on sale at Turkey's favorite supermarkets since 2012.