Türkmanoğlu peaches


Türkmenoğlu peaches

GAP Assurance

Peaches, among the "hard to handle" fruits, are packed and delivered as soon as possible with minimum displacement by Türkmenoğlu’s superior experience and operational quality.

Fruits are selected in accord with precise food safety and GAP management sytem of Türkmenoğlu, and harvested at ideal ripeness due to Safe Produce standards

Türkmenoğlu peaches

Location and species

Türkmenoğlu packs the famous peaches from Kemalpaşa and Selçuk of İzmir as well as Bursa.


Peach dimensions Equatorial diameter (mm)
AAAA 90 +
AAA 80 - 90
AA 73 - 80
A 67 - 73
B 61 - 67
C 56 - 61
D 51 - 56
E < 51

Package alternatives

Type Capacity
Plastic case (with viol) 3.5 kg
Plastic case (with viol) 5 kg
Cardboard box (with viol) 3.5 kg
Cardboard box (with viol) 5 kg