Türkmenoğlu safe hicaz pomegranate

Hicaz pomegranate

Türkmenoğlu hicaz pomegranate

Safe and healthy miracle

Türkmenoğlu, besides its own Hicaz pomegranate, also packs the premium producers’ products raised in similiar quality and safety conditions within Good Agricultural Practices.

Harvesting of the fruits of which agricultural steps are carefully traced every year is been decided after the sweetness value is reached up to 13 - 17 Brix and, pesticides and chemicals analysis are perfect.

Türkmenoğlu hicaz pomegranate


Türkmenoğlu, in addition to İzmir of its own production area, purchases the pomegranates of premium orchards in Manisa, Denizli and Muğla in accord with Safe Produce criteria.


Definition Mass (g) Equatorial diameter (mm) No of fruits in
5 kgs
Small 150-200 65-74 34-25
Medium 201-300 75-84 25-17
Large 301-400 85-94 17-13
XLarge 401 + 95 + 13 -

Package alternatives

Type Arrangement
Cardboard box Viol composition
Plastic case Viol composition