Türkmenoğlu Ziraat 900 cherry


Türkmenoğlu kirazı

World famous Turkish cherry

Türkmenoğlu precisely selects and packs the most favorite cherries in the global markets produced by Turkey, the biggest cherry producer of the world.

Türkmenoğlu, with its world market experience, purchases the cherries selected upon special harvest and quality standards.

Türkmenoğlu cherry

Location and species

Türkmenoğlu packs the world favorite Ziraat 900 type cherries of Salihli, Akşehir Bing Cherry, Uluborlu or also known as Dalbastı.

The purchasing of the cherries are made from premium orchards of Turkey, especially the ones in İzmir Kemalpaşa.


Equatorial diameter (mm)
24 +
26 +
28 +

Package alternatives

Type Capacity
Chalet 500 gr
Chalet 1 kg
Cardboard box 5 kg