Türkmenoğlu safe produce

Food safety

Türkmenoğlu fresh fruit food safety

Food safety starting from harvest

Fruits produced or accepted by Türkmenoğlu as of harvesting are processed in accordance with the regulations of Good Agriculture and Turkish Food Codex.

Transportation and storage following the harvest are made by well-trained workers.

Türkmenoğlu fresh fruit food safety

Foreign matter safety

At the facility during process and packaging of the fruits, precise safety rules are applied against every kind of foreign matter e.g. glass, metal, plastics, wood, etc.

Packaging are made on 18/10 stainless steel counters.

The maintenance and equipment thereof of the machinery are complied with EC food standards.

Türkmenoğlu fresh fruit food safety

Water quality and hygiene

Türkmenoğlu uses city water during the process. In addition to the microbiological and chemical analysis made by İZSU (İzmir Municipal Water) every week, Türkmenoğlu also follows the quality of the water by its own routine controls and analysis.

The fruit process team, trained on food safety and hygiene every season, are subject to routine legal porter controls.