Türkmenoğlu safe produce

Safe Produce

Türkmenoğlu Good Agriculture Traceability

Full traceability in agriculture

Türkmenoğlu, leading in citrus and exporting sector, is well-known by its capacities in traceable agriculture practices within EurepGAP and GlobalGAP for many years.

Türkmenoğlu is among the leading executors of the Good Agriculture, High Information and Technologies project of the Aegean Exporters’ Union supported by İZKA (İzmir Development Agency) and carries the traceability practices forward.

Türkmenoğlu Good Agriculture Traceability

Full control during the whole year

Türkmenoğlu has all the past agricultural information of the products that carry SafeProduce® label.

The records of nutrition, agricultural pest control and chemical analysis of the fruits parcel by parcel and tree by tree are precisely kept during the whole year.

Also the records of operation, stock and delivery of the harvested products are added to the system and so the whole background of each fruitlet is recorded until it arrives to the point of purchase.

Türkmenoğlu Good Agriculture Traceability

Very precise chemical analysis

Türkmenoğlu is well-known by Europe’s leading retailers as a safe supplier for its uncompromising food safety policies.

Besides full and right nutrition and agricultural pest control system, exceedingly conforming to safety periods before harvesting makes the fruits with Safe Produce® label healthy.